Yoga is a 5000-year-old Indian body of philosophy and exercise. The Sanskrit word Yoga is translated as 'union'. The practice of Yoga helps to co-ordinate the breath, the mind, and the body. It encourages balance, both internally and externally, and promotes feelings of relaxation and ease.


The best description of my Yoga style is Hatha Flow, but I don’t follow any one discipline, rather taking inspiration from many. My classes follow a theme which can be physical, like working on handstand, or philosophical, like the Yoga Sutras or Patience. Yoga can be strong or gentle, but at the heart of my sequencing I hope to make people more comfortable in their bodies. I bring in sports science knowledge, physiotherapy exercises to help with common aches and pains, and Pilates to help with core and pelvis stability. My classes always include breath work (pranayama), movement (asana) and meditation (dhyana).


Through my own experience, and the experience of my students, I’ve realised that many people lack ease of movement and suffer injuries due to poor core strength and pelvic stability. That’s where Pilates comes in.

Through incorporating Pilates style exercises into my own Yoga practise, I rehabilitated my lower back after an injury and, through increased strength, the more ‘advanced’ Yoga poses became more accessible.

Yogalates classes begin with breath work and a Yoga style warm up. Then comes Pilates style exercises with a focus on core training. Classes finish with a stretch and relaxation.