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My Journey

I’ve always loved movement and from a very young age would make up dance routines to my favourite songs. At 18 I moved to London for University and discovered Contemproary Dance, Capoeira, Salsa, Physical Theatre.. I was interested in it all.  

However it wasn't until I moved to Bath in  2011 to study Sport & Exercise Science that I found Yoga. I started doing regular classes with Krissy Alsop, and after a couple of years I decided I wanted to learn more and become a teacher. That’s when I discovered Angela Roberts and Simona Hernandez at Yoga Bodhi. I enrolled on the Yoga Bodhi Teacher Training Course, and in September 2015 I qualified as a Yoga teacher.

Since then I’ve been lucky to teach regularly. I’m always learning, improving, and being inspired by different teachers. In January 2017 I travelled to a Yoga school in India to learn classical Hatha Yoga from Santhosh Kasi. The trip was unforgettable, and Santhosh shared so much knowledge and wisdom on both Yoga and Indian philosophy.

In the last few years I have gravitated towards Scaravelli inspired Yoga, Somatic practices and some Feldenkrais. I regularly attend classes and workshops including, most recently, a weekend with John Stirk and a retreat with Diane Long.


In 2017, after doing a lot of Pilates to heal a back injury, I trained as a Pilates teacher.


I'm also a competitive weightlifter and I won the British Championships in 2019. 


My Teaching

The best description of my Yoga is Hatha Flow, but I don’t follow any one discipline, rather taking inspiration from many teachers and styles.


My classes follow a theme which can be physical, like working on handstand, or philosophical, like the Yoga Sutras or Patience. Yoga can be strong or gentle, but at the heart of my sequencing I hope to make people more comfortable in their bodies. I bring in sports science knowledge, physiotherapy exercises to help with common aches and pains, and Pilates to help with core and pelvis stability. My classes always include breath work (pranayama), movement (asana) and meditation (dhyana).